Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts, United States


Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Past Puppies



Hi this is Aileen, thought you might like to see how our little guy is growing. He has a great personality, making us laugh all the time. He is VERY smart and a bit mischievous. He brings such joy to us daily! 



 Hi Bo! Just thought I would share some pics of Zoey since she is one year old today. She’s 15lbs of sass and is so much fun! She’s definitely the boss of our other cav. We love her!



 A few pics of our handsome guy. He is a year old today and is dearly loved by
all of us. He is smart and very athletic. He goes almost every where with us and makes us smile a lot. I hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you for bringing him into our life.  

Lady Jayne


 My beloved Lady Jayne and I send Autumn Greetings from Vermont! She's 5 months old today and an absolute treasure! Thank you again for my darling girl! 



 As promised, here are a few photos of our new pup Gavroche with our 2yo Cavalier, Lafayette. They’re getting along pretty well, though the play gets a little feisty at times. When sleepy they’re working up to cuddling (Gavroche really wants it, and when he’s chill, Lafayette will allow him to snuggle up) and have some peaceful chewing-alongside times too. I’m confident they’ll be true friends before too long. And the rest of us flat out adore the little scamp!

Thanks for an amazing beautiful puppy! 



 We wanted to let you know we are loving our girl pup we named Tessie!  She has acclimated very well and sleeping through the night already (well most nights that is!)  

She is happy and playful and not too many accidents in the house. We have a lot of other furry friends in the neighborhood and she is enjoying some supervised playtime with all of them.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to adopt her - she is well loved in our family!