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Puppy Application

Please email us a completed application.  We will only hold applications for 30 days unless otherwise stated.  We do not accept applications when we do not have puppies available unless otherwise stated. 

Brookside Puppy Application (pdf)


Our Process:

Blenheim, tricolor, ruby, black and tan, puppy, cavalier, King Charles cavalier spaniel, purebred

1) We take applications

Once reviewed and approved you will be contacted with a phone call to get to know you and your family better. We use this process to match you with the right puppy.

We emphasize finding the perfect fit for you and your family, not just the quickest one.

*Please note we only take applications when we have pups available*

2) We have a phone conversation

Once we have an application and you are considered for a puppy we call you. Here we answer your questions and concerns along with any ours. It is always a good idea to write down your questions ahead of time so we can be sure to cover everything.

3) We take a deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy. 

4) You get updated photos and videos

As often as we can manage.

 We now offer Zoom meetings !

5) Visits and pickups will be discussed

 We only do visits to our home once a deposit has been made and the puppies have had their vaccination around 6 weeks. When you arrive you will be visiting Mom & Dad along with our other dogs, and your Puppy.

We live in a home, in a beach town where summer parking is limited. We are not a pet store and we very carefully screen our buyers, 

This visitation by appointment only also limits exposure of the pups to outside sickness. 

We do not expose human infants to large groups of people so why would we do that to our furbabies?

Be very careful of those who have the ability to accommodate 'drop-in' visits to everyone. 

5 Year Health Guarantee & NuVet Supplements

All of our puppies come with our 5 year genetic health guarantee. That is 4-5 years longer than most other breeders. We do this not because we think you will need it, but because we know you wont.

As a condition of our health guarantee we do require you to give your puppy NuVet Supplements until 2 years of age. It ensures that the puppy gets the proper nutrition it needs to grow.

Much like the multi vitamins we give our kids and for the same reason.

 You can purchase the supplements at order code 60072